Protection Against Domestic Violence

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911.

Each day, three women are killed in America by boyfriends or husbands. Men, children, elders and pets also become victims of domestic violence.

Kansas law describes domestic violence as any physically abusive behavior committed by a household member or certain family members that results in injury or death. Here are some signs of an abusive relationship that may result in domestic violence:

  • You are afraid of your partner's temper
  • You are overly concerned about what kind of mood your partner is in
  • Your partner prevents you from seeing your friends or family, or alienates them so that they are uncomfortable being around him
  • Your partner threatens to hurt or kill you, your children, your family, friends or pets
  • Your partner yells at you, reprimands you, or demeans you in public
  • Your partner hits, slaps, pushes or shoves you, pulls your hair, or inflicts physical injury on you in any way
  • Your partner prevents you from getting or keeping a job
  • Your partner keeps you from leaving the house or locks you out of the house.
  • You have been previously abused.

There's no reason to accept or tolerate this behavior from a spouse or domestic partner. If you need help, here's what you can do:

  • Contact the County Attorney's Office in your area.  They have information and handouts to assist you.
  • Leave your home or have someone stay with you. Go to a battered-women's shelter.
  • Get medical attention from your doctor or hospital emergency room. Ask the staff to immediately contact the Police.

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